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Financial Projections

It is no longer sufficient for companies to measure just past performance. Companies need to able have an awareness of future performance through budgeting and forecasting, especially in the current economic climate.

Financial projections are often a requirement in many business situations such as the following:

  • Business start-ups, as part of the business plan
  • In support of obtaining or renewing a borrowing facility from a bank
  • When applying for a grant
  • As part of the overall management of the business finances
  • Valuing a business
  • To enable specific reserves and provisions to be accounted for
  • Corporate recovery

Whatever the need, Byrne & Co. will use our experience as well as advanced financial models to calculate such reports.

The use of this software allows ‘what-if’ analysis, where underlying assumptions can be flexed, to see how this affects the overall results. You can then refine your plans to focus in on your real objectives in running your business.

Our typical financial projections model would include the following:

  • Projected Profit & Loss Account
  • Projected Trading Accounts
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Sales Budget
  • Purchases Budget
  • Stock Budgets
  • Loan Budgets
  • Creditor and VRT
  • Budgets
  • VAT and PAYE /PRSI Budgets
  • Projected Cashflow Statement
  • Projected Monthly Profit & Loss Account