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Corporation Tax

Byrne & Co. offers a wide range of corporate tax services to an extensive range of existing corporate clients. Our advisers will work closely with you to ensure minimum tax exposure.
Our services in the area of Corporation Tax include the following:
  • Advice and registration of newly formed businesses
  • Preparation and filing of corporation tax returns
  • Advice as to the amounts of corporation tax payments/refunds due and their due dates
  • Tailored tax planning advice on how best to minimise a company’s overall corporation tax charge
  • Advice on the most efficient methods of structuring a business
  • Advice on tax efficient financing of businesses
  • Advice on existing foreign companies setting up operations in Ireland including the operations of subsidiaries and branches of foreign entities
  • Advice on minimising the overall tax burden of international company’s by utilising Double Taxation Agreements
  • Advice to company shareholders to maximise their value from a corporate holding
  • Planning for Director/Shareholder retirement from a company

Information on the corporate tax regime in Ireland:

  • The corporation tax rate in Ireland for trading income is 12.5%, currently the lowest in Europe
  • Exemption from corporation tax for start up companies
  • Ireland is an attractive location for corporate holding structures due to the low rates of corporation tax and the extensive network of Double Taxation Agreements
  • Withholding tax is not deducted from dividends, interest and royalties payable to individuals and companies located in EU countries and countries with which we have treaties
  • Investments in certain buildings in designated areas and machinery are fully tax deductible against profits
  • Ireland does not have any “Thin Capitalisation” or “Transfer Pricing” rules
  • Retained profits are not surcharged in Irish companies
  • Irish companies can take deductions against their profits for shares issued to employees under approved profit sharing schemes
  • Capital Gains Tax is not payable in Ireland by foreign companies or individuals who dispose of shares in Irish companies