Accountants | J.J. Byrne & Co.

Personal Tax

Byrne & Co. have a wide and varied portfolio of individual clients ranging from small to high net worth individuals. Our tax advisers / consultants will work closely with you to ensure their Irish taxation burden is minimised.
We also provide advice which is tailored to suit your particular goals, including specialist advice on Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax.
Our services include the following:
  • Preparing person tax returns for individuals, partnerships & company directors
  • Tax compliance & dealing efficiently and effectively with tax authorities
  • Tax planning for non-Irish individuals relocating to Ireland
  • Advice to individuals working overseas or coming to work in Ireland
  • Tax planning for Irish individuals, company directors and shareholders
  • Advice on set up and structure of business in Ireland
  • Advice on tax efficient investment in property in Ireland
  • Extraction of cash from a business in a tax efficient manner
  • Effective tax planning for passing on assets to family members, minimising capital gains tax on disposal of assets and reducing inheritance tax/gift tax bills
  • Retirement planning – advice on the most tax efficient way of drawing down the benefits of your pension plan