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VAT - Value Added Tax

Byrne & Co. can offer a comprehensive VAT service you in what can be a very complex area. We realise that VAT forecasting can be of paramount importance in business planning. We focus on proper planning to minimise potential VAT costs and maximise potential VAT savings and cash flow benefits.
The services offered by Byrne & Co. in this area include:
  • Preparation of periodic VAT returns
  • VAT registration – registration compulsory if turnover exceeds:
    • €37,500 per annum for services
    • €75,000 per annum for supply of goods
  • VAT compliance and dealing effectively and efficiently with tax authorities
  • VAT planning for property acquisitions
  • Advice and VAT planning for companies and individuals relocating to Ireland
  • VAT advice for overseas businesses trading in Ireland
  • Advice on the VAT treatment of specific business transactions